How to Find a Shared Private Flight: 9 Ways

February 19, 2024

Do you want to know how to find empty seats on private charter flights? A private jet journey is no longer reserved for the few. With shared and empty-leg flights, everyone can now travel in luxury. The key is getting seats on charter and private flights on their return journey. Why? Because, unlike commercial flights, these planes have no passengers on their return flights. Airlines would gladly sell these “empty” seats at a big discount just to recoup costs. You’ll find private shared flight bookings that are usually 50 to 75% cheaper than regular charter rates. In this article, we will uncover how to get your dream luxury air travel at a fraction of the cost.

Guide on Finding Private Shared Flights

The digital age has transformed the way we access private aviation, searching for empty legs more accessible than ever. If you want to know how to find empty seats on private flights, check out this short guide.

Exploring Online

A simple Google search can show established companies like Luxaviation and Jetex. These companies maintain online lists of available empty legs. Users can explore options and make bookings, customize their search based on departure airports, and even set up alerts for new deals or send promos via email. You can also find private aviation communities and forums where enthusiasts and frequent flyers share information about available shared charter opportunities.

Membership Programs

For those frequently jetting off, membership programs can be an attractive option. Individuals can pay a monthly or annual fee through tiered subscription programs. This subscription model provides flexibility and convenience, as it caters to the needs of frequent travelers who seek a more personalized and hassle-free flying experience.

Mobile Apps

The landscape of private aviation is ever-evolving. New mobile apps like Flymingo are transforming the booking experience. These apps function as an "Uber" for air travel and enable users to secure and book private flights directly from their smartphones. This adds a layer of convenience and accessibility to the process.

9 Platforms Where You Can Find a Shared Private Flight

Knowing how to find a shared private flight is half the battle. Check out these 9 platforms and companies that offer shared private flights.

1. Air Charter App

The Air Charter app offers a platform where users can browse through thousands of real-time updated empty legs. The list includes over 12,800 accredited and verified aircraft worldwide, from pistons to full-sized airliners. The app makes it easy to find empty-leg flights on any private aircraft. 

2. XO

XO, formerly known as XOJET, is a private jet charter company. They provide on-demand charter services, individual seats on regularly scheduled and crowdsourced flights, and access to empty-leg flights. They boast a dedicated fleet of over 180 aircraft globally, with more than 70 aircraft operated by VistaJet and Talon Air.

3. JetASAP

JetASAP is an app that notifies users of available flights based on their route preferences. The app collaborates with a robust network of charter operators to provide a range of options. Users can receive targeted email notifications and book flights directly through the JetASAP app.

4. Flymingo

Flymingo is your answer to where to book a shared private flight. Users can select their departure location and time, aircraft type, and number of passengers. The platform offers a selection of single-engine and twin-engine planes, seaplanes, and even helicopters. Notably, the inclusion of seaplanes is particularly advantageous. This allows travelers to access smaller islands within the Caribbean, which is perfect for spontaneous adventures. 

What makes Flymingo different? The platform's distinctive feature is presenting bids from vetted pilots — they bid among themselves to take you on their flight, and you get the best offer. Upon receiving an offer, users have 15 minutes to complete payment via credit card. The platform's streamlined process and diverse options make it an excellent choice for adventurers and travelers.  Flymingo primarily offers flights from Florida to the Caribbean, as well as within these destinations.

Don't miss out on exclusive offers from vetted pilots bidding for your adventure.

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5. JetSuite

JetSuite is a private jet charter company based in the United States. They provide a wide range of offers, focusing on convenience, flexibility, and a high level of service. Their fleet of over 100 aircraft includes business jets like the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300. You can book private and shared flights through the JetSuite app or website.

6. Air Partner

Air Partner is a global private aviation services provider. They provide personalized charter services on demand, shared flight experiences, and exclusive opportunities to capitalize on vacant-leg flights. With a fleet of over 200 aircraft, they provide options ranging from light to large jets. Users can request a quote through the Air Partner website. They can also contact Air Partner directly for personalized information.

7. Victor

Victor offers on-demand private charter flight services. The platform is known for its user-friendliness that seamlessly connects users with private jet operators. It gives access to an extensive fleet that includes over 180 dedicated aircraft globally and more than 2,100 safety-vetted jets. Private and shared flights can be booked through the Victor app or website.

8. specializes in private jet charter services in Australia. They offer various aircraft options and cater to different group sizes. Users can request a quote through the website.   

9. PrivateFly

PrivateFly is a global private jet charter company that facilitates on-demand charter services, allowing individuals and businesses to book private jet flights tailored to their specific needs. Their extensive network includes over 7,000 aircraft worldwide. Users can request a quote on the PrivateFly website or contact them for personalized assistance, which is available 24/7.

What to Consider When Finding a Shared Private Flight 

To find shared private flight providers with awesome deals, consider these key points before clicking the Buy Button:

1. Available Routes and Dates 

Most providers might not offer dates and departure times that fit your schedule. Do your research beforehand and find a platform that offers maximum flexibility in this aspect. Flymingo will be one such app, especially if you're traveling to the Caribbean. We allow our users to choose from a variety of departure and arrival times submitted by vetted pilots. This is beneficial for those with dynamic schedules and adventurers with a sudden urge to island hop.   

2. Transparent Pricing

Shared private flights and empty-leg flights are usually more affordable than traditional private charters. However, each platform offers different pricing and even different cost-sharing structures. Finding shared private charter flight platforms and comparing prices is simple yet often overlooked advice. 

3. Aircraft Type and Amenities

Consider the type of aircraft and amenities offered to ensure they align with your preferences and comfort needs. Selecting a luxurious jet can enhance the overall travel experience. Also, having access to smaller planes, like single props and seaplanes, allows you to travel to smaller and more exotic islands. 

4. Reliability and Safety

Ensure that the charter operator and pilots have the necessary certifications. Look for shared private flight providers that adhere to safety regulations. We suggest that you research the safety records and reviews of each platform.  

5. Booking Process 

Choose a user-friendly platform that streamlines the booking process for a shared chartered flight. Make sure you are not paying for additional charges before you check out.

How To Increase Your Chances of Finding a Great Shared Private Flight 

To secure great deals, consider the following tipsto find shared charter flights andempty-leg flights:

  • Flexibility is key. Embrace flexibility with yourtravel dates. Empty-leg flights are often booked on short notice or even lastminute. Being adaptable allows you to take advantage of cost-effectiveopportunities.
  • Check social media. Leverage social media,particularly X (formerly known as Twitter). Search for the hashtag #emptyleg.This straightforward approach can lead you to real-time information onavailable empty-leg flights. 
  • Choose popular routes. Those routes might not be asconvenient to you, but they are more likely to offer cheap deals on shared or empty-leg flights.
  • Plan and act quickly. Plan your trips and be promptin booking empty-leg flights. These opportunities are highly sought after andoften "sniped" by diligent buyers. If you see a good deal on a single seat, act quickly. Oftentimes, a fewseconds of indecision is all it takes to miss an opportunity to travel instyle.
  • Utilize apps. Take advantage of apps like Flymingo.They do the hard work of searching and networking with airlines and pilots.These apps enhance accessibility and convenience with their flight cost-sharing service, allowing you to browse andsecure favorable deals on the go.
  • Subscribe to newsletters or alerts. Subscribe tonewsletters or alerts from apps specializing in empty-legflights. These notifications provide real-time updates and share last-minuteoffers. Staying informed through subscriptions ensures you don't miss out ongreat deals.

Choose The Flymingo App to Get Seats on a Shared Private Flight 

The Flymingo App is where you find shared private flights for last-minute trips and adventures. Our platform revolutionizes the way you access private air travel, offering a diverse range of shared flights tailored to your preferences. Our goal for creating this app was to resolve one common problem for all tourists — finding a shared private flight easily and efficiently.

Flymingo works exclusively with vetted pilots and charter companies. Accessibility issues to smaller Caribbean islands are solved by using seaplanes and helicopters. The Flymingo App empowers users to create personalized, flexible, and extraordinary journeys — one Caribbean island at a time.


How often do private planes fly empty?

Private jet charter fleets fly empty on return flights about 50% of the time. These empty flights, also known as "empty legs" and these seats are much more affordable than usual. However, empty legs are only available on short notice. The schedule of a charter aircraft must be clearly defined before they can post empty-leg flights.

Is it expensive to fly on shared private flights?

The cost of a seat on a shared private flight varies depending on the platform or company. However, it's generally more affordable than a full private jet charter. Private jet rental costs can cost up to $10,000 per hour or more. If you find empty-leg flights, you’ll probably pay 1/10 of the cost if shared with others.

Are empty-leg flights available only on short notice?

Yes. Empty-leg flights are very cheap but are made available on very short notice. Unlike commercial flights that have routine schedules, empty-leg flight schedules are very dynamic. The routes are also limited, and it is difficult to predict availability. Platforms like Flymingo App make it easier for travelers to find shared charter flight deals on empty seats.

Is it difficult to find private shared flights?

Yes. Finding shared private jet flights can be tricky. While there are companies that list selected shared flights, it may not fit your desired departure and arrival times. Some operators make these listings exclusive to members, making them more scarce. However, finding a shared private flight with Flymingo App is much easier by using a unique bidding process.

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