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Split The Cost

book last minute seats on dead leg flights or request a private charter & receive bids from vetted pilots and charter plane companies to and within The Caribbean.

Fly With Ease & Confidence

Request A Charter

Request the type of plane for your trip and recieve bids. Want to fly to a yacht in the ocean or a to a private cove? No problem.

Flexible Departures

Have a fixed or flexible departure time - if you go with flexible, the pilot provides departure times for you to select.

Split The Cost

If you have a small group, make the request public so others can join and split the cost of the flight.

Favourite Flight Alerts

Interested in a specific route? Get notified when the route is posted so you get the best price.

Vetted pilots & Smart check-in.

We help our pilot community as much as we can to ensure safe flights throughout The Caribbean. Our smart check-in provides our pilots all the essential information to ensure the safest flight.

Plane Inspections

We inspect all planes and verify all pilots to ensure quality aircrafts and experienced pilots.

Weight & Balance

We provide our pilots the weight and size of all cargo to ensure a well-balanced aircraft.

Updated & Active Documents

We only verify pilots & planes that have up to date certificates and licenses.

Advantages of Shared Charters App 


Tailored Convenience at Your Fingertips

Book your preferred plane, schedule, and destination. Wait for bids from our vetted pilots. Then choose the perfect discounted flight or group charter. Our easy-to-use application for on-demand shared flight is like your favorite ride-sharing app. Flymingo finds empty leg flights in the Caribbean, giving you a comfortable travel experience without the hassles of regular airports.


Island Hopping Made Effortless

Experience hassle-free island-hopping and fly to smaller, secluded islands with the Flymingo application for shared flight. Smaller islands have small runways, and you usually have to take a long boat ride to get there. This app for shared private flights booking revolutionizes travel. Making it faster to reach smaller paradise islands and saving you time.


Skip Airport

Bid farewell to the constraints of bustling commercial airports and crowded check-in lobbies. Our app for shared private jet flights guarantees stress-free and on-time arrivals at your desired destinations. You can buy empty legs or wait for bids on your preferred routes. This ensures a calm and easy journey on our shared private jet flights.


Deluxe Experience on a Budget

Experience the cost-sharing benefit of private jet empty leg flights. Split the cost with a companion or a fellow traveler going to the same island. Flymingo aims to provide individual seats on chartered flights with discounts. Board jets and seaplanes without worrying about cost. Craft your dream Caribbean trip to tranquil islands with our shared charters application and fly in style.


Instant Adventures Await

Seize the thrill of impromptu vacations with Flymingo's shared jet flights app. Instant Caribbean escapes await! Jet off to any Caribbean island, even with last-minute bookings. Experience the freedom of spontaneous travel — no waiting, no hassles. Find empty legs private jet deals and discover the beauty of the Caribbean islands on your terms.


Fill Seats, Save Fuel

Join us in our commitment to a greener future by maximizing flight seat occupancy. By booking on our application for shared charter flights, we enhance efficiency to for a more environmentally sustainable approach to air travel. Riding empty seats on private jets is not just about practicality. Be an eco-conscious traveler and help save the planet — one jet-sharing flight at a time.

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Where can I find and download the Flymingo shared charter flights app?

We've ensured that our app for shared charter flights will be available for everyone, so you can download it from both the App Store and Google App Store. Book last-minute shared flights with Flymingo, and stop worrying about travel agents or long booking processes!

Can I book a single seat in a shared private jet?

Yes, you can book a single seat in a jet-sharing deal. Use the Flymingo shared private jets app to check for seats or give us a honk at our email. You can also click on any of the popular routes and wait for bids from our vetted pilots. Avail of discounted seats on empty leg flights or buy a seat on private jet shared flights.

How does a shared charters app typically work?

Shared charter apps are designed to connect travelers who want to share the cost of private jet flights. Flymingo is an on-demand shared flights app that allows you to book a private jet or a shared flight. You can even choose from bids submitted by pilots on desired destinations. The shared private jets app will also present options for empty-leg flights.

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