About Us

Flymingo is on a mission to make island hopping exploration seamless, affordable, and environmentally conscious.

Acting as a bridge between passengers, charter companies and pilots. From easy streamlined flight requests to booking last minute seats on dead leg flights, our dedicated customer support is always there for you.

And that's not all—we're also committed to sustainability. Our platform helps fill empty seats on scheduled flights, reducing empty load to increase efficiency.

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island-hopping made safe, easy & sustainable.

A sustainable way to island-hop.

The current process of requesting and finding available seats on chartered flights is both fragmented and costly.

At Flymingo, we're dedicated to streamlining this experience, prioritizing efficiency, and driving down expenses for pilots and passengers alike.

But we're not stopping there. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our approach. By optimizing seat occupancy on flights, we're minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency for a greener future.

Meet the team

We are a small start-up that has big dreams, meet our amazing team.

Cameron Hepple
Founder & CEO
Gershwin Greene
Head of Product Operations

What are people saying about us?

We are a start-up, but we are making waves.


"Flight cancelled last minute. Got multiple private flight bids within hours via Flymingo. Saved me from Googling and waiting for quotes. Lifesaver!"


"Leisure trip, flexible timing. Asked for sunrise departure on Flymingo. Got diverse flight options, different times, prices. Super convenient!"

Cost Effective

"Solo traveler seeking affordable island journey. Set route alert on Flymingo, got notified of unexpected empty seat deal. Budget-friendly win!"

Peace of Mind

"The verification symbol reassures me that both pilot and plane were thoroughly checked before joining the platform."