7 Reasons to Fly Private in The Caribbean

March 6, 2024

Why fly private in The Caribbean? If you’re planning a Caribbean Escape, why not go all in and travel in style? With our platform, jet off from Florida to any Caribbean island, as well as within these locations, at a moment's notice. Embrace the advantage of instant bookings, shared flights, and private planes. Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean islands on your terms! Still not convinced? Here are seven compelling reasons to fly private in The Caribbean.

7 Reasons Why Fly Private Within The Caribbean

1. No Airport Hassles

One of the top benefits of flying private within the Caribbean is the significant reduction in travel time. No more waiting in long check-in lines or enduring security queues. With a private charter, you arrive 15–20 minutes prior to departure, further enhancing the efficiency of your journey. This streamlined process ensures you maximize your getaway to the Caribbean, minimizing the tedious aspects of traditional air travel.

2. No more connecting flights

Getting to your destination with just one flight is one of the reasons for flying by a private plane. Decide on a destination and have our pilots bid on the trip. Let's say you want to visit a secluded beach on a small island in Turks and Caicos. Commercial flights could take you to the main airport at the Providenciales. Then you'll go by land and boat before you get to your destination. With Flymingo App, you'll get access to private charter options in The Caribbean. You book a direct flight to any island, however small it is.

3. Access to Remote Destinations

Our fleet of small private planes and seaplanes provides flexibility. Finding little-known places is one reason to fly on a private plane. Whether it's an untouched beach or an exclusive resort, a private jet, helicopter, or even a seaplane can take you where others can't.

Get started!

Our user-friendly app will help you find the best flight options that suit you to a tee without breaking the bank. Enjoy all the benefits of flying private within the Caribbean with Flymingo App!

4. High Level of Privacy

Private jets offer a level of intimacy unmatched by commercial flights. Enjoy the journey with your chosen companions and be free from the prying eyes and noise of busy airports.  

Picture this. You're newlyweds planning a romantic getaway in the Bahamas. But you can't be "too romantic" with hundreds of people moving in and out of your private space. The Flymingo App connects you with private charter flights going direct to The Bahamas, while you and your partner enjoy the privacy of a dedicated plane.

5. Tailor-Made Travel Experience

The freedom to customize your travel experience is one of the major reasons for flying private in the Caribbean. You have the power to curate details that suit your preferences. From the choices available, you can pick the type of aircraft and time of your escapade. Adventurers can design a trip that aligns perfectly with their preferences on the fly!

6. Group Travel and Cost-Sharing

Flymingo App allows you to coordinate private flights seamlessly, making it an affordable and enjoyable experience for everyone in your travel party. Whether it's a family reunion or a getaway with friends, our app ensures you can share the luxury of private flying without paying an exorbitant sum.

7. Luxury Feel

Opting for a private flight to the Caribbean is the epitome of an exclusive, luxurious, and stress-free travel experience. One of the benefits of flying by a private plane is the relaxing feeling you get even before you get to The Caribbean. It's not just a means of reaching your destination; it's a Caribbean journey designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Fly Private in The Caribbean With Flymingo App

Learning these 7 reasons why to choose to fly private in The Caribbean, you are probably ready to dive into an adventure. Before, the ability to choose private aviation to the Caribbean was exclusive to the ultrarich. Now, everyone can have an extraordinary private journey to the Caribbean destinations. 

With Flymingo App, you can travel in the luxury and convenience of a private charter plane. Even on the go, you can plan and pick your destination, flight time, and plane. Then, just pack your bags, head out to Florida to board your plane, and prepare to make every moment of your Caribbean adventure truly unforgettable.


Why is flying private in the Caribbean worth it?

Flying to The Caribbean via private plane provides a time-efficient, luxurious, and stress-free journey. Customize your travel by using our unique bidding process to find the best available flight for you. Avoiding airport hassles and not wasting time are additional reasons to fly private in The Caribbean.

How does Flymingo App ensure the safety and reliability of private flights?

Flymingo App has a rigorous vetting process for pilots and aircraft, ensuring the highest safety standards by checking licenses and certifications. Our smart check-in feature provides essential information to pilots for a secure journey. Having peace of mind is one of the benefits of flying private within the Caribbean using Flymingo App.

Are private flights affordable?

Flymingo App is committed to providing cost-effective options for private travel. By sharing costs with fellow travelers and optimizing seat occupancy, our platform makes luxury air travel accessible to a broader audience.

What if I need to make a last-minute flight to The Caribbean?

We understand that plans can change. Last-minute decisions are easy with Flymingo App’s flexible booking options and on-demand flight availability. We cater to busy travelers and even busier adventurers. One of the benefits of flying by a private plane is that you won't have the rigid constraints of commercial airline schedules.

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