Fly On a Private Plane for Less To The Caribbean

March 27, 2024

Imagine island-hopping that doesn’t break the bank. Affordable beach access, great deals on hotels, free attractions, and budget-friendly street food options — all of this makes the Caribbean islands a top destination. But what if we told you that there’s a way to turn it up a notch and book a seat on a private plane at a reasonable price? Well, that’s what we’re going to focus on today! We’re going to tell you exactly how to fly on a private plane for less to the Caribbean.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

4 Ways to Fly Private for Cheap

Now, when it comes to flying to the Caribbean islands or doing some island-hopping within the Caribbean, you have four primary ways to have a private plane for a reasonable and affordable price.

Flying on Shared Private Flights

With shared private flights, you’re not just filling up seats to save money; you’re also saving fuel for a greener future! These options maximize seat occupancy on shared charter flights, making travel to the Caribbean islands more economical and efficient. Flight-sharing platforms connect travelers with pilots or operators offering shared private flights. This, in turn, reduces individual costs.

Flying on an Empty Leg

A lot of charter flights go empty due to various reasons, such as pickups. These are called empty-leg flights. They are essentially discounted one-way journeys, often available at reduced rates, to save a little on fuel. If you can get hold of these dead-leg charter flights, you can travel to the Caribbean in a chartered private jet for a fraction of the usual cost. It is also a great option if you need a flight at the last minute and there are no other available flights.

Choosing a Smaller Aircraft

If you have multiple options, choosing a smaller aircraft can help save you some money. The best part? Even small form factor private aircraft offer plenty of convenience and comfort, making them ideal for Instagram-worthy snapshots! Smaller plains are also the only options for short runways where normal jets won't be able to land, which broadens your destination pool. It’s one of the best solutions for you if you’re conflicted about how to fly private for cheap to the Caribbean.

Travel During the Shoulder Season

If the timing of your trip is not too important, you can also consider traveling during the shoulder season. Apart from fewer crowds and lower prices, you also get good weather to enjoy in your own comfort. The interisland flights from companies like inter-Caribbean Airways and Cape Air also become lower at this period. So, the next time you’re wondering about how to fly on a private plane for cheap in the Caribbean, it might be a good idea to check for deals during the shoulder season.

Choose your private way to fly with the Flymingo App!

We connect you with licensed pilots who will be betting to take you on board. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience at your fingertips when planning your Caribbean journey.

Fly Private for Cheap Within the Caribbean With the Flymingo App

The Flymingo App helps you find the right private plane for your trip to the Caribbean. A strong focus on excellent pilots and exclusivity to the Caribbean has allowed us to build a strong network of pilots and aircraft. All of these options are now at your disposal!

Make use of discounted prices on shared private aircraft of all sizes, getting access to the cheapest ways to fly on a private plane. With the Flymingo App, you always have a host of options available that suit every budget and amenity. We specialize in affordable options for private travel to the Caribbean, but you can also use our app for flying private for cheap within the Caribbean! All aircraft and pilots we work with are vetted, and we require them to have updated licenses and certifications.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a luxurious trip to the Caribbean islands within your budget and at a reasonable cost, you’ve come to the right place. Just install our app and check the unbeatable prices and options on offer for travel to, from, and within the stunning Caribbean islands. Pick from the many affordable ways to fly private to the Caribbean, stay well within your budget, and plan your journey with the Flymingo App!


What’s a cheap way to fly private to the Caribbean islands?

There are several ways to fly at a decreased cost. You can travel during the shoulder season, book a shared private flight, fly semi-private, book a jet that’s on a dead-leg journey, or look at the variety of cost-effective options in the Flymingo App. You get access to a full network of pilots using our app.

How can I fly on a private plane to the Caribbean for less?

You can use the cost-saving options on the Flymingo App. The low price (lower price than most others) allows you to stay under your budget, even if it’s a limited one. Rely on the experience of licensed pilots and enjoy a luxury trip. When in the Caribbean, you can again choose budget-friendly flights between the Bahamas islands and even get a seaplane for pickups and drops!

How much can I save on Caribbean flights?

There are many costs involved with Caribbean flights, and it’s difficult to answer this question exactly. Getting a guide on a helicopter, for example, isn’t ideal if you’re after savings on Caribbean flights. That’s why we recommend going with Flymingo. You will gain access to pilots and aircraft of different specialties and amenities, as well as to shared private planes that bring down individual costs.

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